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"The outstanding quality and consistent volume of candidates makes Indeed stand out."

Paul Drew, Marketing Director Pareto Law
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The leading graduate sales recruitment and training consultancy in the UK sponsors jobs on Indeed to help thousands of companies enhance their sales functions.


Pareto’s unique dual recruitment and training model relies on specialised in-house consultants who source high-quality sales candidates for all types of companies. “Our recruiting challenges are substantial and varied,” said Paul Drew, Marketing Director. “Clients approach us with very specific requirements around location, language, skills and experience,” added Drew.

Growth within the organisation has seen Pareto move into global markets, but job boards did not have the global reach it needed to fill positions, so a new approach was required.

"Indeed’s experience and expertise in delivering consistent quality and volume establishes them as market-leaders in their field."

Paul Drew, Marketing Director
Pareto Law

Branching into new markets

Pareto decided to sponsor jobs on Indeed to attract candidates to hard-to-fill positions. These jobs received premium placement in relevant Indeed search results, increasing visibility and leading to more applicants and higher quality candidates.

“Indeed helped us deliver some tough hires for our clients in markets we hadn’t recruited in before, such as the US and Germany,” Drew said.

Pareto made hires through Indeed for roles across multiple countries and industries. “Sponsoring jobs is very flexible, and drives a lot of traffic to our site,” Drew explained. “The outstanding quality and consistent volume of candidates makes Indeed stand out.”

Return on a global investment

“We had no footprint in some of the markets we were recruiting in, so we were happy to see results in places where we didn’t have experience,” Drew explained. “We could be secure in the fact that we had a high volume of good quality candidates.”

With a return of investment of 1,275% and at a lower cost per hire than other sources, Pareto was able to improve brand awareness and job advertising to meet hiring goals. “It was clear from the outset that we were getting great results, especially for the amount we were spending,” Drew said.

The success of the campaign was aided by the ability to adjust spend as needed. “Flexibility in how much we spend is very important to us.” Drew explained. “Making those changes ensured that we could get the right candidates at the right time, all within budget.”