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"Indeed is one of our core quality applicant attraction sources."

Richard Bunkham, E-Recruitment Specialist University of Oxford
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The second oldest university in the world uses Indeed to draw targeted job seeker traffic to fill both niche academic positions and corporate support roles.


The University of Oxford is an internationally renowned learning institution, with a unique history of teaching and research that spans many centuries. It was the first university in the English-speaking world and remains at the forefront of learning, research, and innovation. The University of Oxford, including the colleges and the Oxford University Press, is the second largest employer in Oxfordshire. It supports more than 16,500 students and contributes £750 million to the regional economy every year.

Richard Bunkham, E-Recruitment Specialist at the university, is responsible for working across all the academic departments at Oxford to attract the very best candidates and address recruiting needs ranging from niche academic positions to corporate support roles.

"With Indeed you can't go wrong – it's simple and intuitive."

Richard Bunkham, E-Recruitment Specialist
University of Oxford


The University of Oxford is constantly looking to hire across a variety of sectors, including traditional business positions to highly specialised academic roles. The university tracks where their hires come from by measuring the effectiveness of different recruitment sources, and examining which sources provide the most shortlisted candidates and final appointments.

“We are an evidence-based organisation, so we really drill down in our data,” Bunkham said. “We look carefully at the conversion rate of the number of applications we receive to the number of candidates selected for final consideration.” This ongoing analysis revealed that Indeed delivers a high volume of quality applicants and final hires for the university.

The university utilises Indeed’s pay per click recruitment advertising to complement the organic traffic it already receives from Indeed to boost visibility on hard-to-fill roles. Sponsoring these hard-to-fill positions on Indeed brought the University of Oxford greater visibility among search results. Indeed’s user-friendly interface made it simple for the client to manage campaigns and have control over the recruitment budget to prioritize the vacancies that needed greater visibility.


Within 12 months, Indeed delivered 31 hires for the University of Oxford. These included the following hard-to-fill positions: Analyst/Programmer, Marketing Website Manager, GIS Technician, Medical Technical Scientific Officer, Research Technician, and IT Officer.

“Indeed is one of our core quality applicant attraction sources,” Bunkham said.