Key findings from the report:

  • Australians who believe that working overseas will be to their advantage when returning might struggle to gain work back in Australia.
  • 34% of returned expats aren’t even landing an interview for a potential role where their skills precisely match the job requirements.
  • 32% of returned expats and rebound expats regret having come back to Australia.
  • 33% of recruiters think that returned expats misjudge their earning power in Australia.
  • 32% of recruitment decision-makers are reluctant or cautious to hire a returned expat for an Australian-based role on the basis of perceived cultural difficulties.

  • 31% of recruiters prioritise candidates with Australian-only work experience, favouring their knowledge of recent Australian history, the political climate and culture, over candidates who have worked overseas for a period of time.
  • 65% of respondents believe that Australian businesses are creating an environment that discourages Australians working overseas from returning.
  • 67% of returned expats are packing their bags and returning overseas because their international experience is not valued.
  • Two-thirds of returned expats have considered leaving Australia again to secure the right role.