Evergreen Rehabilitation

Time to fill is very important and quality candidates are just a click away on Indeed.

Craig Hubbuch, Recruitment Manager Evergreen Rehabilitation
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Evergreen Rehabilitation hires 30% of its high-skill staff with Indeed, all at a lower cost per hire than any other external source.


Evergreen Rehabilitation employs over 2,000 physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, and licensed therapy assistants who staff long-term care communities and outpatient therapy centers in 20 states. More than half of the facilities managed by Evergreen are located in rural areas, making it a challenge to find licensed therapy professionals, and the company had little prior success with online recruitment.

Evergreen was solely reliant on its in-house recruiters to source and call prospective candidates. The company knew it needed an efficient way to support those efforts by attracting candidates to its jobs on the Web and sought to revitalize its online recruitment strategy.

“We were starting to believe that the candidates we needed couldn’t be found online,” said Craig Hubbuch, Recruitment Manager, Evergreen Rehabilitation. “Many of the people we recruit and hire are not actively looking to make a change. Neither large job boards, nor niche boards, delivered qualified applicants. We had a niche healthcare site producing one hire per month at a cost per hire of $800.”

There’s no reason for a company to pay for a job posting up front when you can pay per click. You can spend as much or as little as you want, but the more we've spent with Indeed, the more success we've had.

Craig Hubbuch, Recruitment Manager
Evergreen Rehabilitation

Evergreen sponsored its jobs on Indeed to make it as easy as possible for licensed therapists and recent graduates to find its jobs, learn more about the company and apply through its newly launched career site. “Time to fill is very important and quality candidates are just a click away on Indeed,” Hubbuch said. “Sponsoring our jobs puts us on the first page of Indeed search results where they can easily find us.”

Evergreen worked with Indeed’s Client Services team to optimize its job titles and descriptions to attract the highest-quality candidates possible in Indeed’s search results. “Nine out of 10 Indeed applicants are qualified, licensed therapy professionals,” Hubbuch said. “Indeed is aligned with the way people are actually searching for jobs today, and it’s so much more economical than all other job boards.”


Over a 12-month period, Indeed provided Evergreen with 20 percent of its total hires – more hires at a lower cost per hire than any other external source.

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