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"Indeed gives us higher-quality candidates from more cities than any other source."

Carolyn Ferrando, Recruitment Consultant Hawthorne Health
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As a recruitment company specialising in healthcare positions around the world, Hawthorne Health uses Indeed to screen job seekers and hire the best-fit candidates for nursing and other health related roles in Australia and beyond.

Hawthorne Health works closely with candidates with specialised medical experience and places them in the roles they’re best suited for. With extensive experience in the healthcare recruitment industry, Hawthorne Health is able to offer the highest-quality service to employers and job seekers worldwide.

Sourcing candidates from numerous locations

“Healthcare staffing is in a unique industry to work in,” explained Carolyn Ferrando, Recruitment Consultant at Hawthorne Health. “We’re looking for candidates with very particular experience, like ICU nurses and Cardiac Care specialists. We source a lot of candidates from the UK or India. We see high demand for extensive qualifications and that typically requires us to go outside of the local talent pool.”

Hawthorne Health began sponsoring jobs on Indeed to reach this wide candidate audience. “When you have such a variety of positions and you need to post numerous openings, you need a cost-effective method for managing those ads,” Ferrando said. “We were immediately impressed by how easy it was to control our budget on Indeed while also attracting high-quality candidates.”

By sponsoring jobs, Hawthorne Health could ensure that its jobs have higher visibility in the search results of relevant candidates and could adjust its budget at any time. The client used Indeed to recruit for positions around the world in nursing, technician and EMS roles, among others. “Indeed gives us higher-quality candidates from more cities than any other source,” Ferrando said.

Placing the best people for the job

In four months, Hawthorne Health made 10 placements total, with 8 of those candidates coming from Indeed. Sourcing these candidates from Indeed cost the client $75-$100 per applicant. “Other leading job boards were at least three times that amount,” Ferrando said. “We made the decision to stop using other job boards completely because of the results we had with Indeed.”

Hawthorne Health was also able to use Indeed Apply to screen candidates, ensuring that they only sent the best applications to their clients. With Indeed Apply, job seekers can apply to jobs from web and mobile devices, and recruiters can review their applications quickly and efficiently. “From Indeed Apply, we get really convenient summaries of candidates straight to our email,” Ferrando said. “We can see if they’re a good fit for the role from that summary alone; we don’t have to open their CVs. It’s a fast process that allows us to review a large volume of applicants and pick out the highest quality people.”

"We made the decision to stop using other job boards completely because of the results we had with Indeed."

Carolyn Ferrando, Recruitment Consultant
Hawthorne Health

Growing a recruiting brand

One added benefit of using Indeed was the exposure that Hawthorne Health received. With jobs on Indeed, job seekers were directed back to the client’s website not only from the Indeed search page, but from across the Indeed publisher network, other sites where jobs that are on Indeed are displayed.

“We’re a small recruiting agency and we do very little marketing. As soon as we started posting our jobs on Indeed, we saw traffic to our website increase exponentially,” Ferrando said. “We don’t advertise on Google; that traffic was generated from people learning about us on Indeed and through their publisher network, and it’s been great for getting our name out there as a growing company in healthcare recruiting.”