Maryland State Solar

"“Our hiring specialist Lindsey just seems to be on it.”"

Reid Garton, Manager Maryland State Solar
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Maryland State Solar saves time and pays for performance by using Indeed Hire to recruit sales and marketing professionals.

Maryland State Solar helps home and business owners install solar systems. The company is growing, with a team of a dozen sales and marketing professionals, but without any dedicated HR staff.

“It doesn’t make sense for us to have someone in that role full-time,” says Reid Garton, Manager. That combined with the fact that we’ve found Maryland a difficult market to recruit in, it just makes more sense to use Indeed Hire.”

Garton felt with Indeed Hire, he could continue engaging with the job-seeker audience on Indeed and offload the hiring process to a team of professionals.

“Indeed Hire was a lower risk model to continue engaging with the audience on Indeed. We’re only paying for performance.”

So far, Indeed Hire has delivered 4 hires after reviewing 611 candidates for 4 different requisitions with 7 open seats.

Garton has been satisfied with the results and the process.

“It’s not taking up our time to sort through the people there and weed out the ones that aren’t going to make sense.”

He’s also been a fan of the Indeed Hire team and his hiring specialist Lindsey.

"“I’ve been very happy with Lindsey’s responsiveness and how quickly she handles things. Whether it’s rescheduling an interview, following up with someone, or getting feedback from us. We’re very happy how she’s doing.”"

Reid Garton, Manager
Maryland State Solar

Lindsey has even helped Garton become more savvy in his recruiting.

“She’s worked with us to tweak how we’re presenting the job to help it better appeal to the candidates she’s speaking with. She had some statistics to back up why we should raise the base salary slightly and lower the commission slightly. That helped. She really took her experience and used it to help us modify how the job was presented to help attract more candidates.”

Garton appreciates Lindsey’s enthusiasm, which he thinks “makes a difference when she’s the first person making contact with the candidate.

In a very personal end of business like hiring it really takes the right individual to make it successful.”