"Indeed supports our talent management strategy end-to-end."

Wesley Le, Recruitment Manager VSC
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This supply chain management and technical support services firm uses Indeed to source quality candidates.


For over 30 years, VSC, an independent subsidiary of Verify, Inc., has been a trusted resource to over 200 companies in aerospace, defense, and high-technology industries. This partnership has created worldwide opportunities for their contract Project Specialists to work with Verify customers and their suppliers. Together, they ensure quality in supply chain and supplier management programs in more than 40 countries.

VSC supports its contract hire needs with an internal talent database and was looking to expand to new markets, such as Canada. “We needed to gain visibility for our limited-term projects. The Verify brand is well-known in the industry, but there’s less awareness for VSC contract roles,” said Wesley Le, Recruitment Manager at VSC.

"The Indeed team has been there for us the whole way, making sure our Sponsored Jobs campaigns deliver results."

Wesley Le, Recruitment Manager

VSC sponsored its jobs on Indeed to give them maximum visibility in Indeed’s search results, allowing the company to raise awareness among targeted candidates and increase the number of qualified applicants for its openings.

“Indeed supports our talent management strategy end-to-end,” Le said. “We get quality applicants for contract assignments that need to be filled immediately and we’re also able to place more candidates in our prequalification program so that future openings can be filled faster.”

Adopting Indeed’s pay per click (PPC) model as a core piece of the VSC recruitment strategy was easy. “Indeed is simple and straightforward. We didn’t have to change our processes at all,” Le said. “The Indeed team has been there for us the whole way, making sure our Sponsored Jobs campaigns deliver results.”


VSC increased the flow of qualified applicants for hard-to-fill Source Inspector and Quality Engineering contract positions, allowing it to build a talent pool in new markets where brand awareness was previously limited. Over an eight-month period, Indeed provided VSC with more applicants and hires than any other job site – at less than two thirds the cost-per-hire of major boards.