Wall Street Services

"We now get twice as many resumes than we used to. Plus, the quality is there."

Liz Mazzei, Marketing Manager Wall Street Services
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A financial recruiting firm finds qualified candidates for its specialty consultant positions on Indeed.


For more than 25 years, Wall Street Services, a New York-based recruiting firm, has specialized in connecting project-based consultants with the most respected names in finance. Clients turn to Wall Street Services to source candidates for a range of consultancy roles, including project managers, business analysts, financial analysts, compliance specialists, accountants and operations. “We recruit consultants, many of whom become direct hires, for large financial institutions as well as smaller private equity firms and hedge funds,” said Liz Mazzei, Marketing Manager at Wall Street Services.

Wall Street Services employs a selective recruiting strategy to ensure that its clients receive only the highest quality candidates for their niche, project-based positions. The company turned to Indeed to help it source an adequate volume of well-qualified candidates for its clients’ consultancy positions, and to minimize costs.

"With Indeed, we're able to use our recruitment budget more effectively. It delivers maximum results at minimal cost."

Liz Mazzei, Marketing Manager
Wall Street Services


Wall Street Services started by sponsoring all of its jobs on Indeed in order to maximize visibility for each of its openings. Sponsored Jobs were shown to relevant candidates at the top of Indeed’s search results pages, resulting in more clicks and visitors to the openings on its career site. “In the past, we found that major job boards and niche industry sites didn’t provide enough of the right people for our specialty positions,” Mazzei said. “More people use Indeed than any other job site; it makes much more sense to target candidates directly on the leading source.”

The company benefited from taking a strategic approach to prioritizing its Sponsored Jobs. By allocating additional budget to high-priority positions, Wall Street Services drove even more candidates to its highly specialized jobs. Because there are no contracts with Indeed, Wall Street Services easily adjusted its campaign spend when needed. “With Indeed, we’re able to use our recruitment budget more effectively. It delivers maximum results at minimal cost,” Mazzei said.

Wall Street Services also wanted to fill high-priority jobs faster. The Indeed Client Services team created a job feed to ensure these positions appeared in Indeed’s search results as soon as Wall Street Services posted them on its own career site.

Previously, when Wall Street Services used job boards for recruitment advertising, a high percentage of the applicants it received were unqualified. The company benefited from Indeed’s Job Analytics and performance reports by testing variations of its job titles and descriptions to determine which ones drew the most qualified applicants, allowing it to further increase the effectiveness of its campaign.

In addition to sponsoring its jobs, Wall Street Services has begun to use Indeed Resume to find candidates with specific skill sets. “Indeed Resume has been a great resource. Because it’s so fast and easy to target our searches, we’re able to quickly identify and connect with people who have the experience we’re looking for,” Mazzei added.


Just three months after Wall Street Services began adding additional budget to high-priority campaigns and optimizing its job descriptions on Indeed, it achieved:

  • 92 percent increase in traffic to the jobs on its career site
  • 127 percent increase in applicants from Indeed
  • $0.68 cost per applicant

“We now get twice as many resumes than we used to. Plus, the quality is there. We wouldn’t use Indeed if the candidates weren’t good,” Mazzei said.