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Here, at Indeed, we want your job posting to have the best chance of attracting quality candidates. Streamline your candidate search by having important conversations with major stakeholders before you post.

Here are some topics to consider exploring before kicking off the recruitment process, so it can go as smoothly as possible.

Align on required vs. nice-to-have qualifications

When multiple colleagues are responsible for determining a potential applicant’s fit, it’s a good idea to get on the same page about what qualifications are required and what qualifications are preferred.

Often, recruitment managers will feel comfortable if a qualification is just listed as a nice-to-have; however, in their mind that qualification is quite important.

Talk to your colleagues about what qualifications are deal breakers. Try a little exercise to get the conversation started. Write up examples of great candidates that have everything except one specific qualification. Would your colleague vote to recruit that example candidate or not? Discuss why or why not.

Aligning on qualifications before posting a job and starting the interview process will help you find your perfect recruit faster.

Ask if you can include salary in the job posting

Quality candidates look for opportunities that meet their salary needs. Posting salary requirements up front will increase your chances of getting more quality candidates on Indeed.

Additionally, your job posting will have the salary requirements highlighted when job seekers scroll through search results. For this to happen, make sure you submit your salary in the question box of the job posting process, in addition to including it in the job description section.

Gather feedback on your job description

Verify with key stakeholders that your job description is ready to share with potential applicants before logging onto Indeed.

Once you submit your job posting, we’ll immediately start processing it for inclusion on our site to help kick off your search for the perfect candidate.

Consider allocating budget to ensure your job posting is visible to quality candidates

Many employers on Indeed find more quality candidates when they decide to upgrade their job posting to a Sponsored Job.

We recommend Sponsored Jobs to employers who have hard-to-fill positions, need a candidate in a small geographic area, or are looking for a candidate with highly specialised skills.

If you can’t get budget approval for a Sponsored Job, don’t worry. Sponsoring a job is not required for most jobs posted on Indeed.

Ensure that candidates have as smooth a recruitment process as possible by having important conversations up front with your colleagues.

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